Monday, February 18, 2013

Food And Froth Festival | Milwaukee Public Museum

Food and Froth Milwaukee
On February 16, the fifteenth annual Food and Froth Festival will be held at the Milwaukee Public Museum. While not considered the beer hub it once was, the city will play host to hundreds of brewers from across the world at the event, including a number of major and micros.

200 beers will be on tap for the festival, as well as multiple wines. Everything from wheat beers to stouts will be available for sampling, including limited runs and seasonals. Nearly every local brewery will be in attendance, as will brewers from other states and Europe.

Food to clear the pallet will come from over twenty of Milwaukee's favorite restaurants, complimenting the already abundant beer samples with special creations of their own. Entertainment will be provided by local bands, highlighted by performances of many favorite beer tunes. Sing alongs will be permitted.

Raffle tickets will be sold at an extra cost, giving goers the chance to win themed prizes and other goodies. Tickets to the event will cost seventy dollars for non-museum members, fifty-five for members, and special VIP tickets will be available for 100 dollars. Member and non-member tickets include access to all vendors and events at the festival, while VIP tickets offer early entry and access to a private bar where further beers and food will be available.

The fifteenth annual Food and Froth Festival will take place at 7:00PM Saturday February sixteenth at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Children under the age to twenty-one will not be allowed. Tickets for the event are limited.

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