Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brewers Starting Pitchers Hand Ball to Lackluster Relievers

Brewers Pitching
The Brewers starting pitchers and their bullpen have had their differences this season. The team's starting rotation has been stellar over the past thirteen games, not losing a single one since June ninth. Paradoxically, the team has gone just 6-7 over that span. Milwaukee's lackluster relief has been the culprit. Yes, they have blown games, but the spotty offense has also played a part. It would be nice to see the team score more than five runs in a single game.
The bullpen’s average ERA pushed past 4.0 on Sunday, as the Brewers dropped a near perfect start, giving the win to Micheal Fiers. To ad an exclamation point to the team's trials, Fiers began the day with a seven inning shutout, striking out seven batters. Francisco Rodriguez gave some hope to the relievers after taking over for Fiers, delivering a hair-raising pair of strikeouts with two men on-base.
However, Manny Parra and Jose Veras couldn't follow Rodriguez's lead, giving up four hits and three walks in just over an inning. The performance proved to be just more-of-the-same for the bullpen, whose mistakes have been enunciated by poor offensive output.
Manager Ron Roenicke told reporters after the game that he was aware of the pattern, and that it was troubling. Roenicke added, however, that not all blame should be placed on his relievers, who has been entering game-after-game with either no lead or a slim on. He acknowledged that the biggest adjustments would have to be made in the bullpen, but other players on the field are also going to have to start playing smarter and scoring runs.