Friday, January 27, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day 2012

Brewers Opening Day 2012

Milwaukee Brewers opening day 2012 is set for April 6. This first game will feature a rematch between the Cardinals and the Brewers. Both teams will look very different compared the the ones that battled for the pennant in 2011. Gone is the Cardinals Manager. Gone is Prince Fielder. The Brewers might be without Braun until June. A man named Aoki will most likely be in left field at Miller Park that day. Still, Brewers fans will be there in massive numbers.

Milwaukee will have a couple of great home stands, and one very long road trip in mid September. There is an early season road trip that will involve nine games and three opponents. As for inter league play, the Brewers will face the Royals, Twins, Blue Jays, and White Sox. By the time that they play the Sox, Braun should be back in uniform.

The All Star Break is set for July 9 through July 12. Leading up to that break, the team will play the Houston Astros on the road. They will play a six game home stand following the break. First, the Pirates will come to town, followed by the Cardinals for three games. Once again, the Brewers will be at home for most of the Summerfest schedule. There will be plenty to do around Milwaukee!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bob Uecker Way at Miller Park

Bob Uecker Way Miller Park

In a rare bipartisan proposal this week, democrats and republicans got behind one another in support of one man; legendary Brewers broadcast personality Bob Uecker. Twelve conservatives and eight of their counterparts joined forces over the weekend to introduce a plan to rename a pedestrian footbridge near Miller Park as Bob Uecker Way.

The bridge crosses over the Miller Park Way exit off the interstate and connects the east parking lot to the center field entrance. The group has already convinced the Scott Walker administration to make January twenty-sixth a state wide appreciation day for Uecker and they say this would be the final step in honoring the historic figure.

The final decision will come down to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. A spokesperson for the department told reporters that officials were considering the idea and would reply to the request within the week.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Packers Playoff Tickets for NFC Championship

Packers NFC Championship tickets

We are all Packers fans here in Milwaukee. With the first round of the Packers playoffs to kick off this Sunday, I'm trying not to think too much about the Packers NFC Championship tickets I purchased. The Packers have to beat the New York Giants first. That game is not going to be a cakewalk for Aaron Rodgers and Co. Will the Packers emerge victorious? Our fingers are crossed.

Brian Bulaga and Chad Clifton are set to play this Sunday. Clifton had a solid first quarter of play two weeks ago. He was a bit rusty and a tad out of position, but this tryout was all about his strength and readiness. Marshall Newhouse did a good job as Clifton's replacement, but Chad has 12 years of football knowledge and experience to counter the Giants deadly pass rush. If he goes down (knock wood,) Newhouse will jump into position.

Giants Pass Rush Must be Stopped

As for Bulaga, he's going to be a welcome site to Aaron Rodgers, when he tucks under center. We need the Packers starting five on the offensive line to be ready to take on the Giants pass rush, featuring Umenyiora, and Justin Tuck. The rush could come from either side at Lambeau this weekend. On the Packers side, the team needs more than Clay Matthews to unsettle Eli Manning. Will the Packers use Charles Woodson as a blitzer? He's got to cover some of the better wideouts in the game, so where does Woodson fit best?

The snow is flying here in Wisconsin, but Lambeau Field will be cleared out in time for the game on January 15. If the Packers manage to win this one, they will face another team that's just as talented, tough, and ready to take down the Super Bowl champions.