Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ryan Bruan Hits Home Run Number 40 in 2012

Ryan Braun Home Run
Ryan Braun hit his fortieth homerun on the season Sunday night against the Mets, one of two impressive milestones the Brewers star outfielder managed during the game. Last year’s MVP also joined just six other Brewers players, past-and-present, to reach the career 200-homerun mark. Robin Yount, Geoff Jenkins, Cecil Cooper, Gorman Thomas, and, most recently, Prince Fielder are the others to have reached that number, though Braun set a new standard by slugging his two-hundredth in 867 games, the fastest of any Brewer ever.
Ryan Howard holds the title for the fastest currently active professional baseball player to reach the 200-mark, hitting his record-setting long-ball in just 658 games. Braun, meanwhile, is just four names behind Howard in the list, placing fifth only to him, Albert Pujols, Adam Dunn, and Alex Rodriguez.

Braun Working Towards Brewers Record

At twenty-eight years-young, Braun is on pace to overtake Yount for most career homeruns in franchise history. The now retired Hall of Famer hit another fifty whoppers after reaching 200, setting down the bat at an impressive 250. Currently tied for sixth, and likely to be much beyond that by the end of October, Braun should snap the long-standing number within a couple of years.
Braun’s teammates and manager praised the outfielder for his accomplishments, though they were careful to mention his other exploits as well. Third-basemen Aramis Ramirez called Braun the best player he has ever been on the field with, while manager Ron Roenicke said that his contributions for the team go far-and-beyond his time at bat. The second year manager told reporters that Braun had the entire package, able to hit, run, and play outstanding defense. Roenicke said that he expects great things for the youngster, especially since he is guaranteed to be in Milwaukee through the next decade.
Braun himself remained humble about the feat, acknowledging that it is much better to appreciate the accomplishment when it comes along with a win for his team, and when it brings them another game closer to a wild card spot in the post-season.

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