Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justin Bieber VIP Ticket Debacle at Summerfest

Justin Bieber Summerfest
I'm not a huge fan of Justin Bieber. He is a pre-teen idol, and that doesn't work for me. My friend's mom took one of her kids down to Summerfest to see the show. She wasn't pleased with the struggles they went through, just to get through the gates. They paid extra cash to get VIP tickets, thinking they could bypass the long lines. Nope, that didn't happen. It was chaos when they got to the Marcus Amphitheater gates. Granted, moms and kids are not your typical concert goers, but this could have been better organized.

They waited just over an hour to get into Sumerfest, and missed the first two songs of the show. Considering the fact that Justin Bieber only sings around eight or nine songs, they missed a lot. The crowd was having a great time though, and who could complain. The night was special for the kids that made it through the gates at Summerfest.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summerfest Is Coming Up Soon (June 24-July 4)

Summerfest Milwaukee

Summerfest is quickly approaching and let me tell you, this years lineup has been a real treat and there are so many great shows that I can’t wait to go see! Along with great side stage shows from some of my favorite bands 311, STS9 and Passion Pit, there are some headliner Marcus Amphitheater acts I want to go to. The first main stage act I will be seeing is Eric Clapton with my dad on Monday, June 28. Clapton was a huge staple for me as a kid and I remember a lot of car ride sing-alongs to “Layla” and “Crossroads”. This is a surprise for my dad and it will be a great late Fathers Day gift! What dad wouldn't love some Eric Clapton tickets?

Another great show is going to be Usher on Wednesday June 30. My Usher tickets were kind of expensive but they will be so worth it since I have been hooked on him and his sick dance moves since 2001 when his album 8701 came out. His newest album, Raymond v. Raymond just came out in March and “OMG” is my new favorite song of his. Usher’s prodigy Justin Bieber, who he recently signed onto his record label US Records, will also be performing at Summerfest. Bieber will be playing the Marcus Amphitheater and he performs on Sunday, June 27. What Marcus Amphitheater tickets are you getting for Summerfest this year?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

KISS at Marcus Amp, September 2

KISS Marcus Amphitheater Milwaukee
If you’re looking for hard rock music, grown men wearing makeup and a crowd with nobody under 35, I have the perfect show for you – KISS at the Marcus Amphitheater. You can KISS summer amphitheater shows goodbye for 2010 on Thursday, September 2. There will be one more show at the amphitheater afterwards on September 7 when the Jonas Brothers come, but I think it is safe to assume this will be the last show in 2010 for the aforementioned demographic.

Try as I might to understand or at least have some kind of appreciation for the glam rock quartet, I don’t really think that I “get” it. Their pyrotechnics, seriously gruesome makeup and humongous hair all create, what for me, is a totally cheese ball show but hey, different strokes for different folks. What I can appreciate is the ludicrous amount and ridiculous array of KISS memorabilia available for fans of the freak rocker outfit. Many stories have been written about their "merch." They crap they sell includes everything from KISS condoms to a KISS pinball machine. While I would rather end up in the most outrageous KISS merchandise of all, the KISS Kasket, before I would go to this show, I will admit it must be an interesting performance. Are you going to buy your KISS tickets this weekend?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Verge Music Festival This Weekend

Verge Music Festival
The summer festival season will officially begin for Milwaukee and in particular, for the Summerfest grounds this weekend during the Verge music festival. Debuting this year, the two-day event will be exclusively focused on music and the headliners will be Three Days Grace on Friday night and Weezer on Saturday night. A unique facet of this festival is the blend of both area and national talent in the lineup. Friday night will feature great local acts The Wildbirds and Red Knife Lottery as well as She & Him and Eagles of Death Metal. Saturday night you’ll be able to see one of my favorite area bands, Juniper Tar alongside Manchester Orchestra and Rogue Wave. Though the event is primarily focused on music, other entertainment will be provided such as skateboarding and BMX biking, along with of course beer, food and merchandise. Though I would have liked to see more bands on the lineup, both local and national, it will be exciting to see another festival down at the Summerfest grounds and should be a great kick off to the festival season!