Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lady Gaga THIS WEEK at Bradley Center

Lady Gaga Bradley Center Milwaukee
I can't believe how quickly this summer came and went but I can't wait to kick off fall with a bang at the Lady Gaga Bradley Center concert this week. Though lately there have been no juicy new stories about the pop princess, I cannot wait to see her perform in Milwaukee. From all the concert footage and photos I've seen of her on the web, her live show is full of immaculate costumes and intense stage designs. I am so glad that I got my tickets right away for the show and all I could think about all summer was rocking out on the dancefloor to great hits like "Bad Romance" and "Paparazzi". I hope that she plays her new song that she debuted in Minneapolis this week called "Living On The Radio". This might be the best show of the season at the Bradley Center. Can't wait to "Just Dance" on Thursday September 2 with Lady Gaga!

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