Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Justin Bieber at The Rave in Milwaukee

America's newest heartthrob Justin Bieber plays The Rave in Milwaukee. It seems like all of a sudden the world is screaming for Justin Bieber, a name that was unknown until recently. Young girls, teenagers and parents have found themselves scrounging for tickets to see Justin Bieber at his upcoming concert at the Rave in Milwaukee on November 12th. The Canadian Native began singing three years ago when he was twelve. He was later found by one of international Superstar Usher’s marketing executives which quickly escaladed his career as a singer.
His most popular hits right now are "One Time" and "One Less Lonely Girl.”

Once the announcement hit about Bieber coming to Milwaukee’s Rave it seemed like the whole city was talking about and it and needed to get tickets. Even local radio stations were broadcasting that they would be giving away tickets every hour on the hour. Seating for this concert will be all general admission and a first come first serve bases. My guess is that fans will be lined up hours before the doors open just to get up close and personal with Justin Bieber.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bruce Springsteen Milwaukee, Born to Run Featured

It's confirmed. Bruce Springsteen in Milwaukee will feature the entire Born To Run album. Why not play a classic, hit filled album to please the fans? Milwaukee is one of a number of Bruce Springsteen tour dates that will feature the old album. Bruce Springsteen will perform at the Bradley Center on November 15th. A quick scan for tickets shows that only the upper level sections are still available.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Marquette Basketball Schedule for 2009

We're just ten days away from the first Marquette basketball game of the 2009 season. The regular season starts on November 26th, vs Xavier at the Old Spice Classic in Orlando. The first Marquette Basketball game in Milwaukee is 12/5/09 vs North Carolina State. Marquette Basketball fans await the first tip off game.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Packers VS Vikings while I sit with my Pabst Theater tickets

Monday October 6th, Colbie Caillat preformed a great concert at the Pabst Theater. From the front row of the balcony, the place looked like a sell-out. This was a big surprise to me, seeing how that her show was competing directly with the big Monday Night Football game featuring the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. This was the long atcipiated matchup, with Favre taking on his old team at his new stadium. Considering the size of the crowd, we may see her live after they scan our Marcus Amphitheater tickets some day.

The age of the crowd was a wide variety. It seemed like half of the crowd was in their late 20’s and 30’s and the other half was young teenagers. I was a little worried about what to wear, whether I should sport my Packer jersey, or a nice girlie outfit for the concert. Seeing how I had hoped to catch a part of one of the most exciting games of the season after the concert, I decided to go with the Packer Jersey and show my support for the team. I actually had a few friends pass on the show at the last minute because they said they couldn’t miss Favre taking on the Packers.
Surprisingly, Colbie was the first one to bring up the big game after performing her first song, “Begin Again” and told us she had been watching the game from back stage. She thanked the crowd for coming out for her concert even though she knew such a big football game was going on at the same time. Little by little I began to notice more and more packer gear worn by fans and that I wasn’t the only one concerned about missing the game. Many of the other fans around me were opening their cell phones and checking for the score updates throughout the concert.
Originally I had planned to leave the concert early at the packer’s half time but because there were two opening acts, Trevor Hall and Howie day, I knew I couldn’t leave at that time. Though many people, myself included, seemed very frustrated that Colbie didn’t start performing until 9pm, It was totally worth the wait.

Her voice was beautiful and her music and lyrics are heartfelt. By the time the concert was over there were only 10 minutes left in the game, but I definitely do not regret staying until her last song! She put on a great show and I was very impressed. All in all, the packers loss was a huge disappointment to me but attending the Colbie Caillat concert on the same night in some little way, made up for it. I will see you at the Marcus Amphitheater next time Colbie.