Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ACDC Will Rock in Milwaukee October 14th

Malcolm and Angus Young were both born in the mid 1950's to a musical, and hard working family. They were two of seven children and grew up in a tough neighborhood in Scotland's Cranhill, Glasgow. Housing projects like Cranhill can sometimes bring out the worst in people. In the case of Angus and Malcolm it brought forth a raging rock and roll duo that continues to amaze fans of hard and fast music.

Listening to their thick accents, you wonder if they are Scottish or Australian. They are a bit of both, because the family moved to Sidney in 1963. This move brought relief to the parents of Angus and Malcolm. Angus had been struck by an automobile back in Cranhill. That old neighborhood was rife with gangs and drugs. William Young, their father hoped that the move to Australia would strike clean the musical drive of Angus and Malcolm. It went the opposite way.

In 1982, AC/DC was nominated for an American Music Award in the category of Best Rock Band. They were up against the likes of Air Supply. Since the creators of the AMA claim that the winners are chosen by album sales, Air Supply beat out AC/DC that year. How Air Supply made it into the rock category is beyond me.

With that bit of history, we fast forward to October 14th, where AC/DC will rock the Bradley Center. They are long into their Black Ice tour, promoting their 25-plus years of rock and roll. If you visit the AC/DC site, check out their multimedia page. There are some great AC/DC videos available. I suggest the Family Jewels preview. It's 4:34 minutes of classic Angus and Malcolm Young. The ACDC Bradley Center tickets are still available, but the tour is selling out, so don't delay.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jerry Seinfeld to Play The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee

On sale today Riverside Theater tickets for Jerry Seinfeld’s stand up act on November 6. He will be doing two performances, one at 7:00PM and one at 9:30 PM. I cannot wait to see my favorite Seinfeld star back in action during this tour with some new material. Though Seinfeld was a great show back in the day, I fill my Larry David fix now with Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO.

It was announced earlier in the year that the entire Seinfeld cast would be making an appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm this season. I can’t wait to see both the episode but most importantly Jerry Seinfeld at the Riverside.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daniel O'Donnell Sings at the Milwaukee Theater

You might have seen this man on public television. That's where I found him. Daniel ODonnell has a way about him. He manages to grab the hearts of those that love Irish Crooners. If you happen to surf the web and stumble upon the Youtube video of Cliff Richard singing with Daniel O'Donnell, you will understand exactly who loves this guy. I might not be a fan, but millions of others are.

The Milwaukee Theater tickets for Daniel O'Donnell sold briskly when this concert was announced. The venue is perfect for this type of show. There are many older fans that have come to love the theater.

O'Donnell lives in Ireland, and started making waves in 1983. Some describe this man as a country/Irish/folk balladeer. That is what I think he is too. He hitched a ride to the top with his sister Margo, and surpassed her fame in spades. He has twenty top 40 hits to his name.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Loyal Order of Water Buffalo Reunite to Celebrate Local Venue's Existence

Shank Hall has been in business for 20 years now. Frankly, I preferred the people who ran Teddy's over the current owner of the venue. With that being said, we are 20 years down the road, and Teddy's is long gone. Heck, if Shank Hall can still manage to book bands despite the owner's notorious dislike of other Milwaukee venues, it's worth mentioning this reunion show, just to give a shout out to my old friends in "LowB." If you haven't boycotted that club, like so many of my friends have, feel free to buy some Shank Hall tickets, and get on over to see Loyal Order of Water Buffalo on September 4th. Frankly, I prefer the Miramar, Turner Hall, Cactus Club, or just about any back alley bar over Shank Hall. At least you know that someone wants to make sure that all the fire codes and club capacities of competing venues are up to date. Thanks P.J., you are so kind.

Continuing down the road of oldies, and reunions, I must mention the Toasters show on October 23rd at The Miramar Theater. That one is $12, and the Miramar is tops on my list of locally run venues. Worth mentioning is the Walls Have Ears recording studio above the Miramar Theater. Bill is a top-notch engineer, and will work with your band to get the best sound. My favorite thing to do is grab a hot bowl of soup at Shaharazade, across the street from Miramar, then let loose at the club.