Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Milwwaukee Brewers a Hot Ticket To Be Sure

I'm one of those guys who remember going to a late spring Brewers game at County Stadium and seeing lots and lots of empty seats. We Brewers fans would sit in a stadium that is 1/4 filled to capacity. Those days are gone for now.

Milwaukee Brewers fans average 36,000 per game right now. That's a top ten figure. The only other small market team pulling in numbers like that is St. Louis. All the other top ten teams are in the New York and L.A. markets, save for Philly. With the World Series win last year, Philadelphia expected a major draw for 2009.

There still those old school Brewers fans who still expect to walk up to the box office on any given night, and pull a pair of fairly good tickets down the line. Not so anymore Brewers fans. These guys are a heavy draw. There is nothing better than watching the rain fall outside of Miller Park, while the fans stay warm and dry.

Meanwhile, the new/old rivalry is Brewers and Cardinals. St. Louis doesn't like the way that the Brewers players celebrate when they win games. Seems that they don't like it when these young Milwaukee players un-tuck their shirts, and high five each other. I suppose that you have to get fired up for something when you can't string together more than one win every nine or ten games. St. Louis is vying for first place with our Brew Crew. They should just play baseball.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kiss The Last Summerfest Date Goodbye

Kiss will play at the Marcus Amphitheater on June 27th. Yes, they will wear the paint, boots, etc. Fans should expect to see flames and smoke. The Kiss Army expects to see fake blood. What you won't see at that show is anyone under 30. Sorry guys, I hate to rant, but Kiss as a Marcus Amphitheater show? When I told my coworkers about this show, I was met with puzzling looks and sighs.

Kiss certainly has its place in rock and roll history. History is full of those who "also ran." Nothing to see, keep walking. I refuse to drop $200 for a pair of tickets to see this band. We all like Haloween. Putting on makeup and a costume is fun.

On a positive note, I like the bookings for the side stages. I like the punk night, the oldies nights, and the new edge stuff too. The other bright side is that I won't have to pay more than the entrance fee to see good music this year.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Milwaukee Admirals in the Playoffs

People have been going to see the Milwaukee Admirals in larger numbers lately. Yes, the team is a minor league franchise, but that's not a deterrence. I think it's a good place to take your date. OK, there may be a few fights between the players. Yes, you need to keep your eyes peeled for flying pucks, but the same could be said about baseball. Foul balls can do serious damage if you are not careful.

What people tend to forget is that the Bradley Center was designed for NHL hockey. Yes, the venue is considered to be a bit on the old side, but when you attend an Admirals game, you come will come to realize that the venue is perfect for hockey.

Most people think of the venue when they see the Milwaukee Bucks, or Marquette Golden Eagles play. The hockey that is played there is really what that place was built for. The Pettit family was so generous. They paid for the building in hopes of bringing NHL hockey to Milwaukee. Then they saw the price tag for a franchise. We're lucky to have a NBA team that still wants to play in Milwaukee. Otherwise, the Bradley Center may just have to close.

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Called The Rave, but I Go There for the Rock

A popular venue in Milwaukee for concerts is The Rave located at the corner of 24th and Wisconsin Avenue, just a few blocks west of Marquette University. The Rave has six different rooms for events and performances. The Eagles Club Ballroom consists of a 25,000 square foot dance floor and a beautiful domed ceiling.

The venue is rich in history, as it was built in 1926. In its early days, it housed a boxing ring, a high-end restaurant, swimming pool, and a bowling alley. Now it serves as a great location for popular acts to play in Milwaukee. The old building has seen better days, but that makes it a relaxing place to see a band. There are few worries when you drop your beer on the old dance floor.

One great band that has played at The Rave recently was The Killers. Their show on April 30 was held in The Eagles Ballroom and was a highly anticipated sold out concert. The band went on around 9:30 P.M. and the back lighting was amazing. The band opened with the song titled Human. Their high-energy set lasted about an hour and a half, and the whole crowd was dancing and singing the entire time. They brought out quite the mixed crowd, ranging from young school aged children, to adults in their 40s.

I really enjoyed their Las Vegas style stage setup, with lights in the shape of a palm trees and lots of other glittery designs and lighting. The crowd went wild during the confetti drop at the end of their set. The Killers really put on an excellent show. There were not only interesting aesthetics but also great music. I only wish that it was closer to my house. I live across the street from Shank Hall. That's why I buy so many Shank Hall tickets.

The live set came across really well, with the great acoustics of the ballroom and the excitement of the live music bringing great energy out of the crowd. The band finished their encore with the popular single “When You Were Young.” Overall, it was another great show at The Rave.