Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Milwaukee Brewers are Working Out the Contracts

The snow is piled high, and this is the time of the year where major league baseball teams work on their contracts. The Brewers didn't have the money to keep CC Sabathia in town. Nobody realistically thought that Sabathia would stay here did they? Milwaukee Brewers tickets sold fast and furious last season. That helped put money in the bank. The Brewer's owner has the cash to renew contracts, and even pick up a few good players.

Fans worry that Ben Sheets will be gone, and that worry is justified. I still think that there will be a competitive team in Miller Park for 2009. I don't think that it was a fluke. I look forward to the roof being open, the warm air circulating through the ballpark, and home runs flying over the bleachers from time to time.

We are months away from opening day, but I can feel it already. The summer nights will be long and warm. The Brewers will field a good team once again.

The same thing might not be said for the Milwaukee Bucks. Yes, they have the final spot in the playoff hunt right now, but there are many games to be played. We will see if they have that same spot in a few months. The fans have not come out in large numbers for the Bucks. The upper level has been nearly empty on many weekend nights. Now Michael Redd is out for the rest of the season, and that will make it that much harder for the Bucks to keep up in the playoff hunt. Even if they make the playoffs, there will be few fans that really think Milwaukee has a chance at advancing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Milwaukee Bucks are Giving Away Trinkets

Tonight the Milwaukee Bucks play the New Jersey Nets at the Bradley Center. The best part of the deal is the free bobble head for all the Milwaukee Bucks fans who come down tonight. Richard Jefferson's big plastic head will be atop a plastic body. Jefferson came from the Nets as well.

The Bucks are trying their best to get .500. At this pace, they might win a dozen more games than they did last season. As for the fan attendance, we have yet to see a jump in the number of fans coming downtown.

My guess is that Milwaukee will win close to forty games this year.