Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Milwaukee Rave Shows in the Coming Weeks

The next three big bands coming to the Rave Milwaukee are Weezer, Shinedown, and Hatebreed. Starting December 3rd, The Rave will host Weezer in their tour promoting their new cd Raditude released November 3rd. To fan’s excitement the band put out a promotion where if you bought their new cd you would receive a snuggie from their website.

The next band would be Shinedown, a Florida based band looking to electrify their fans with their boldest CD yet titled The Sound of Madness. The concert will be held at the rave Friday December 11th. The CD promises to vibrate it’s listeners with passion and energy.

The last band promoting their new self titled CD Hatebreed will perform December 12th at the Rave. Hatebreed would probably be related to the band Metallica and is influenced by sounds of death metal and grove metal. Their new CD and tour seems like it will be very exciting for their fans since their previous CD released three years ago, so fans have been waiting patiently.

It looks like the rave has some great rock bands booked for the month of December and I’m sure once word gets out about these tour appearances tickets will be flying out the door.