Thursday, November 12, 2009

AC/DC Milwaukee Show for Bradley Center

Are you still wondering if the AC/DC show in Milwaukee will ever take place? As of November 11th, there is still no news on a rescheduled date for AC/DC. It has been almost two months since the lead singer Brian wrote a note to his fans explaining that he was diagnosed with an ulcer which made him postpone his tour. Specifically six shows were postponed, phoenix, Las Vegas, Louisville, Kansas City, Des Moines and Milwaukee.

Many AC/DC fans, especially in Milwaukee, have been dying to hear any news about a possible new date for the show. Fans are sitting around anxiously calling the Bradley center and ticket companies to find out what they should do with their tickets. I’ve heard that the Bradley center is working hard to secure a rescheduled date for the concert but still no news! The tour has been moving along smoothly ever since the postponement with their next sold out show in Sao Paulo Brazil on the day after thanksgiving. It looks like their world tour will continue until their last stop In Japan March 16th 2010 which leads fans to believe that the rescheduled date wouldn’t be until at least then. With this long of a delay in a set rescheduled date, will AC/DC ever reschedule for Milwaukee’s show? Or is it doomed to be canceled?

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

I have a feeling that they will not come to Milwaukee in 2010.