Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daniel O'Donnell Sings at the Milwaukee Theater

You might have seen this man on public television. That's where I found him. Daniel ODonnell has a way about him. He manages to grab the hearts of those that love Irish Crooners. If you happen to surf the web and stumble upon the Youtube video of Cliff Richard singing with Daniel O'Donnell, you will understand exactly who loves this guy. I might not be a fan, but millions of others are.

The Milwaukee Theater tickets for Daniel O'Donnell sold briskly when this concert was announced. The venue is perfect for this type of show. There are many older fans that have come to love the theater.

O'Donnell lives in Ireland, and started making waves in 1983. Some describe this man as a country/Irish/folk balladeer. That is what I think he is too. He hitched a ride to the top with his sister Margo, and surpassed her fame in spades. He has twenty top 40 hits to his name.