Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green Bay Ticket is All I Want

It’s that time of year again. Around this time each summer, Packer fans are excited to get their hands on their very own Green Bay ticket. Season tickets for Packer games can be very difficult to acquire, as there are over 70,000 names on the waiting list. The list is long because Packers are a great team and seeing them play at Lambeau Field is a truly unique experience.

I would love to catch a game this season and I have a few in mind that I would really like to attend. Even though this is the Brew City blog, and I mainly talk about Milwaukee events, I would love a Green Bay ticket for the game against the Minnesota Vikings. With all of this talk of Brett Favre playing for the team, their rivalry is at an all time high.

The crowd energy would be so intense, and this might be one of the most fun games to go to this season. I would also like to get a Green Bay ticket for the game against the Chicago Bears. Being a fan of the NFL North, It’s got to be a game in our division. No way am I going to some cheesy Bengals game.


Ms. Pacman said...

Hope the Pack wins all their games this season!

Wisconsin Music Man said...

At least I want them to win both Vikings games.

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

I agree with Ms. Pacman. ALL GAMES MUST BE WON.