Monday, March 16, 2009

Turner Hall "Rummage Sale" Last Saturday

I had never been to the Turner Hall ballroom prior to this weekend. The room had been empty and went unused for many years before they finally decided to open it back up to the public. I think that opening the hall once again was a great idea. The walls and ceiling are unfinished, and the wood floor is creaky. The stage is enormous and deep. I can't imagine what a band sounds like in that echo chamber, but I will find out soon enough.

If you walk up those well-worn stairs past the restaurant, you will find yourself up in the ballroom. I went there last Saturdy for a "rummge sale" that was held by local shops. There were skate fashions, t-shirts, vintage clothes, and even Rishi Tea for sale.

I bought a can of the green tea with lemon. It's so smooth and tasty. What's even more tasty is the free teapot infuser that came with. Still, I couldn't help myself. I kept looking at the depth and height of the stage, and felt that I must see a show there sometime.

The Riverside theater and Pabst Theater handle the booking for Turner Hall. The Riverside theater ticket booth is where you can also buy Turner hall tickets. It looks like 500 hundred people would make that a cozy show.

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Into Arcadia said...

Great stuff man. We'll be sure to keep checking back for more!