Thursday, February 26, 2009

Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day Approaches

It's always a sell-out. Ever since Miller Park opened its doors, the sellouts have come easy. Back when the Brewers and their fans could be on the field in frigid weather when they played at County Stadium, there would be more than a few empty seats on opening day if it happened to be snowing that morning. Nobody wants to sit through a 43 degree, cloudy opening day.

Miller Park even has heat, should the air outside become too cold. I attended the very first ball game at Miller Park. It was an interesting first inning, when all the flash bulbs popped. George Bush threw out the first pitch.

The first pitch for this new season will be on April 10th, when the Brewers play the Cubs.
Even more interesting is the fact that the second game of the season is also becoming a hot ticket. Normally, the game after opening day has a very low attendance. Seeing that the Brewers are hot, and they play the Cubs, ticket sales are brisk.

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

I hope they pound the Cubs.