Monday, February 2, 2009

Flight of the Conchords is Landing in Milwaukee

Flight Of The Conchords is a very funny show on HBO. It features the characters Bret and Jemaine, two New Zelanders who make their home in New York City. The show follows the men as they try to make a splash in the music business with the help of their Manager. They have one single groupie named Mel.

Their songs are clever, comedic, and catchy. The plotlines on the show will somtimes reflect real life situations that Bret and Jemaine had experienced over the years. They consider themselves "a novelty band."

The show caught fire fast, and now the band is touring the U.S. a second time. Their live shows are selling out fast. Part of what fueled this following are the glowing write ups across the nation.

After the end of the first season, there were rumors that "Flight" wouldn't do a second season on HBO. The boys worked out some issues, wrote more songs, and we are now into season two. In my opinion, the first show of season number two was not very good. By the second show however, they were back in top form. Sugalumps is a song that you can't stop repeating. Flight will be at the Riverside Theater on May 2nd. They play a 7pm and 10pm show that night.

I saw them last year, and the crowd would not stop the banter. Bret and Jemaine took it all in stride. Who knows how things will go this year, but I hope that they sing The Humans Are Dead.

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LudaChris said...

FotC have a great style, crafting jokes very meticulously! Can't wait to see them this year!!

On a related note, some guys from Milwaukee made a FotC tribute video that's pretty funny. Check it out: