Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Years Eve in Milwaukee

Cake will be at the Riverside theater on December 31st. The party will be wild. Cake fans love to party. Couple that with the date, and we're talking designated drivers galore. The band puts it right on their website. They encourage carpooling by connecting fans. The posts come from far and wide.

The funniest one claims that a family needs a ride from Juneau Alaska. It's a joke, but worth checking out on the Cake Carpool Page. The band has only one show on their tour page, so you can imagine that the demand for this event is huge.

Their website is full of interesting facts, an advice page, carpool page, and more.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Stars On Ice in the Middle of Winter

For one long weekend, in the depths of what will surely be another frigid Wisconsin winter, Milwaukee will be host to Stars On Ice. U.S. Cellular tickets are all you need to see these athletic performers. February 5th through the 8th is the length of the run. Sasha Cohen, Todd Eldredge, Jeffrey Buttle and others will grace the ice. This is not an event where you will see skaters in giant mouse costumes. The costume shows incorporate moderately talented, and very talented skaters. This event is the real deal in the skate world. This is where aged medalists earn their keep after the medal ceremonies end.

In the past two years, February weather in Wisconsin has been horrible. Perhaps a trip downtown to see the Stars On Ice will break the ice, so-to-speak.