Monday, September 15, 2008

Miller Park no hitter, Milwaukee Brewers coach gone.

What a crazy twenty-four hours in Brew City. First, The Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros came to Miller Park to make up a Houston home game that was derailed by hurricane Ike.
22,000 fans showed up from Chicago to cheer on their cubs. This was supposed to be a home game for Houston, so I don't know how fair that was. Carlos pitches a no-hitter and the Cubbies fans go wild.

Ned Yost got fired today after the Brewers lost their wild card playoff cushion. It is not very often that you fire a coach this late in the season. I suppose that something had to be done. Ned supported his crew throughout their slump, but after getting swept in by the Phillies enough was enough.

Miller Park tickets for the possible playoff game are still something that the Brewers fans may want to hold out for. If the mighty Brewers start a win streak, they could be back in the playoff hunt.

As for the Cubs and the no-hitter, at least they got it against Houston. The ultimate insult would have come if they beat up our Brewers instead. We Brewers fans may see the Cubs post season, but it would only come after the Brewers win the first round. We will see if the Yost firing makes a difference.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Will the Bucks make their mark in 2008?

The quiet franchise here in Milwaukee starts their season in late October. Eclipsed by the Green Bay Packers, and the surging Brewers, the Milwaukee Bucks have not had much to cheer about.

This is supposed to be year one of a building period. Will it take three years to get the Bucks to the playoffs?

We should get a feel for how this team looks before the regular season starts. Their home opener is Saturday, November 1st. The Toronto Raptors will be the visiting team that night. The press will focus on the very first regular-season game of the year, when Skiles plays against Chicago. That game is on the road.

The second game is against the newly-relocated Oklahoma City squad. Thirteen of their first twenty games are on the road, so it might be smart to give the Bucks a bit of a break if their record is below .500 by the time they play Chicago again on December 1st at The Bradley Center.

Sometimes the teams that have little pressure to perform can relax and win games. They are not in the spotlight this season to be sure. Yi is gone, Williams is also gone. The team is fresh.

Go Bucks!