Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bikes, Bikes and more Harley bikes

The roar of loud pipes has already started. The Harley Davidson 105th reunion is starting this weekend, but the motorcycles have begun to arrive. Milwaukee will be host to an event that only comes around every five years.

Where to start? How about the Water Street party on Saturday. The street will be closed to auto traffic, as the bikes will rule. There will be music, food, and beer, to go along with all the bikes. Brady Street will host a similar party both Friday and Saturday. I suggest the Mimma's stage for your musical fun.

The Harley parade rolls down Wisconsin Avenue on Saturday morning. The biggest event might be Bruce Springsteen at Veteran's Park. The Summerfest grounds will have live music at many stages. Basically, it's a party everywhere in Milwaukee this weekend. If you can't find something fun to do, you are a hermit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Fonz comes home to Milwaukee

It was surreal. There on the TV was Henry Winkler and the cast of Happy Days.

Everyone showed up but Ron Howard. In the background, one could see The Pabst Theater ticket office. Later, they wound their way up Wisconsin Avenue.

The final scene of the news story had Fonzie throwing out the first pitch at a Milwaukee Brewers game. The Happy Days gang didn't need any Miller Park Tickets to get out onto the field. They wore Brewers jerseys and they were all smiles. It is interesting to note that there was not one single inch of film shot in Milwaukee during the shows' run.

None the less, they seem to be home town favorites, as hundreds turned out to see these aging actors unveil the statue.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Harley Festival fast approaching

We have a few weekends to lay low before the rumble of Harley Davidsons shake the land of Milwaukee. Every hotel in Milwaukee is booked. You have to drive an hour out of town to get a room. The Summerfest grounds will be filled with bikers and wannabe bikers, and just plain old music fans. For the faint of heart, you might want to consider buying a Lambeau Field ticket on the first day, and head north to Green Bay Wisconsin.

Otherwise, consider the ruble to be a very loud white noise. The sea of chrome, rubber, leather and American flags will be impressive to say the least.

Milwaukee streets will have live music. Brady Street, Water Street, North Avenue will all host local bands. The big national acts will reside at the Summerfest grounds.

This time, Bruce Springsteen will have an opener. No, Elton John will not be here this time.

Enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

State Fair ticket debacle

What came as a surprise to me, the Wisconsin State Fair fell prey to ticket a scam. The story in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel stated that over four thousand entry tickets were rejected at the gates as they had already been scanned. The poor, unsuspecting families ended up with no way to enter the fairgrounds unless they put up the cash at the box office.

Nearly one thousand people were scammed out of their cash by ticket sellers wandering the neighborhoods adjacent to the fairgrounds this past Sunday. The entry process at the gates made it easy for the scam to take place. Once the ticket is scanned, it is handed back to the customer. There is no way to tell the difference between a used or unused ticket.

The solution now includes a black mark on a used ticket. For those bargain hunters who buy from a street hustler, look out for the black marks on the tickets. That means they are used, and no good. Perhaps next year the Wisconsin State Fair people will go back to a tear off ticket.