Friday, June 27, 2008

Rush tonight at the Marcus Amphitheater

The aged rock band Rush performs at the Marcus Amphitheater tonight. It is day two of the ten day festival by Lake Michigan. Milwaukee has its Summerfest, other cities have their own. Famous for the album 2112 and others, Rush is the band that houses Neil Pert.

Neil has some sort of fancy degree in music. He is a human metronome, and a pretty good drummer. Some fans worship his percussive style. Others find him to be robotic. I don't really feel him. I get the impression that if one were to go from town to town, following the Rush tour, you would be hearing the exact same show, with no percussive deviations whatsoever.

That my friend, means that there is a lack of soul. No soul means that you are simply one shade away from a drum machine. Nobody likes drum machines.

Whatever your taste, there is a veritable OCB of music at Summerfest. Similar to OCB, the music isn't gourmet, but more like comfort food. You need a big pile of meatloaf, you go to Summerfest. You want sushi, you go to Bumbershoot. Milwaukee's festival by the lake is sponsored by various beer vendors. A cold one is not hard to find.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who are you going to see at Summerfest?

One question I have had thrown my way is "who are you going to see at Summerfest?" That's a tough one to answer. First, I don't think that I would go to any Marcus Amp. headliner this year. The line up doesn't fit my younger demographic. As for the side stages, they have yet to fill slots with the opening just ten days away? I have never seen such late additions to the stages in the years that I have lived in Milwaukee. What gives Summerfest? Who's playing at the "Worlds Largest Music Festival"?

An oldies act that I might check out is Bootsy Collins doing a tribute to James Brown. What will that be like? Who knows.

The Plain White T's are going to try to play Summerfest again this year. Last year, they were a last minute scratch, and that disappointed a lot of fans.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pridefest suffers in the rain

Milwaukee's Pridefest got the "first festival jinx" this year. The grounds were shut down on Saturday as the monsoon raged in Milwaukee. It was not a good place to be during the storms. The lightning, the wind, the flooding, all contributed to a washout event. Yes, I noticed some breaks in the weather for the weekend, but it certainly didn't make for an all-day event.

The Summerfest grounds were soaked, and the party goers tried their best to have fun.

Cirque Du Soleil sounds like "Cerk Dee So Lay"

Coming to Milwaukee, one very cool show. I saw this show in Vegas, and it had me entranced. Cirque Du Soliel will be here in Milwaukee on October 1st through the 4th. They are going to "cut" the Bradley Center in half for this show. Will the Bradley Center tickets be cut in half too? I doubt it. This show is worth the cash. I suggest that you take a date to this one. There will be lots to talk about after this show. The visual explosion that is Cirque must be seen live at least once in your life.

Saltimbanco is the longest touring show of the lot. It involves street scenes and the people of the city. The fact that they roped off half of the Bradley Center makes this a better show. The site lines should be great. It might make it a cozy performance. I'm certain that the performers needed the height that the Bradley Center has to offer.

The show runs for four nights, and includes some matinees.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Milwaukee's Pridefest starts this weekend

The summer festival season starts this weekend with Pridefest. The Henry Maier Festival Park hosts a number of festivals every summer. Kicking off the fun will be Pridefest 2008. The festival starts on June 6th, and runs through June 8th. The Miller Lite stage will have the larger acts such as Indigo Girls, and smaller stages and tents will host everything from health and wellness events, to local bands, to popular DJ's.

Take time to check out the photo exhibits at the Arts and History Pavilion, or at the Stonewall Stage, Fire and Ice: A show of extremes will be held twice on Saturday. Take a square dancing lesson, learn how to talk with your health provider, check out the cooking demos, or hang out at the bearapalooza stage.

This is a kid friendly event during the day, and at night the stars come out to shine. The Marcus Amphitheater will not be in use during this festival, but rest assured, it will be a great time at the lake shore.