Monday, April 28, 2008

Brewers fans II

I had to see it for myself. What's it like to go to a Milwaukee Brewers game in April and actually join 25,000 fans in the seats. Just a few years ago, you could go to a Brewers game in April and see at most 10,000 people in the stands. Times have changed for sure. With the hopes of selling over 3 million tickets for the season, Milwaukee Brewers attendance has increased drastically. The "walk up" game has changed. As reported in the Journal, the days of a huge walk up crowd are over. Now, if the bats could heat up, then there could be even More Milwaukee Brewers fans coming down to Miller Park.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Brewers tailgate? Better have a ticket in hand.

The Milwaukee Brewers have moved serious tickets this season. As their spokesperson said, "The days of walking up to the ticket booth the day of the game, and expecting a ticket are over for now." The Brewers expect to sell three million tickets for the regular season. With the limited number of parking spaces, 12,000 to be specific, and the seemingly unlimited number of fans that want to tailgate, some are sure to be shut out of the tailgate party. To add to the misery, there have been groups of fans that have been paying to park, but have no intention of going into the game. That rule has changed. To get into the Miller Park parking lots you must have a Milwaukee Brewers ticket in hand. It makes sense.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Where are all the Van Halen fans?

Eddie Van Halen had to take some time off to get well, and that postponed the Milwaukee Van Halen show to April 28th at the Bradley Center. I thought that the Bradley Center tickets would be gone in the first day when it came to the Van Halen reunion. Is the fact that Wolfgang Van Halen is playing bass on this tour keeping the fans away? This is the long awaited grouping of Van Halen including Mr. David Lee Roth. What more could Van Halen fans ask for?

As of this entry, it seems that there are still tickets in the box office. I wonder what the acoustics will do to songs like Panama, Hot For Teacher, Ice Cream Man, and Jump. None the less, the show goes on at The Bradley Center. Will David Lee Roth have the moves he once was known for? Does that matter? It's time to make your own move and go out and see this band before someone can't tour any more.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Many Choices when it comes to Concert Tickets in Milwaukee

Milwaukee. A Great City by a Great Lake. Yes, it's a fine city. It's no Chicago, New York or San Francisco, but it's livable. My point is, that I think for the 2008 Summer concert season in Milwaukee, we have been overlooked thus far, by very few artists. The following acts have either played in Milwaukee or will be playing here in 2008: Billy Joel, Michael Buble, Van Halen. Bruce Springsteen (2 times!), Tom Petty, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Rascal Flatts, Jonas Brother, Hannah Montana, Rush, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, Jimmy Buffett, Stone Temple Pilots, Tim McGraw, The Police, Elvis Costello and Celine Dion. There are a lot of choices for your concert tickets in Milwaukee. It's nice. Choice.

For some of the smaller venues like the Milwaukee Theater, the Riverside Theater and the Pabst Theater some great acts are coming. Swell Season, Rilo Kiley to name a couple. We can usually count on the Marcus Amphitheater, Alpine Valley and the Bradley Center to come up with some good ones. Summerfest won't disappoint either.

I will have to say I am personally disappointed Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco are skipping right over Brew City. I also wish Radiohead could headline Lollapalooza and THEN come on over to East Troy, WI's Alpine Valley for a date.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fans Eager to Buy Brewers Tickets

The Milwaukee Brewers were off to a 6-1 start. While the Brewers did fall to the Reds last night, Brewers fever remains high in Brew City. As I write this, the Brewers are playing the last in this Reds series on a crummy, rainy afternoon with a ton of fans in the stands. I know they can close the roof, but lets give these fans credit where credit is due. It takes a little extra something to get dressed in your best Brewers gear, pick up some peanuts and giddy up to Miller Park on a rainy day.

As I mentioned, the Brewers were a bit flat last night with Dave Bush at the mound and the scoreboard reflected this, but today, at the bottom of the 4th inning, the Brewers are up 1-0. (Update to this sentence, Brewers lost. They are 6-3)

But back to my point of this post is that I just think it is super for this city to have the Brewers part of the mix. They aren't written off by baseball before the season even starts, as has been the case in years' past. You can see the local stores stocking up on cool Brewers shirts and Brewers hats (I love the one with the sausages...) and hear people chattering about going to a game. I even have my parents making plans with their friends to catch a game or two. The Brewers have some great promotions, but with that come even less availability for Brewers tickets.