Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dave Matthews Tickets on Sale Soon!

We knew the would be coming, but until I see it posted on the Warehouse website, I don't speak of it. The two great days of summer when the Dave Matthews Band rolls in to Alpine Valley Music Theatre and hits it hard. Playing jams for two shows in a row to fans who don't age.

This year, Dave and company play Alpine Saturday, August 9 and Sunday, August 10th. The opening act will be the Black Crowes, whose new album got a great review in this week's Rolling Stone. Rumor is that the Dave Matthews Band will have a new album out later this year and will be testing some of the new songs on the road. As someone who, sadly, generally likes to know the words to every song a performer is singing on stage, I am totally cool with Dave trying out new songs on me. With such a great track record, it would be hard to imagine it not being a good song. Well, one exception does come to mind. On Dave Matthews' solo album, Some Devil, the song Gravedigger kills me. No pun intended. Otherwise, Some Devil is seriously one of my favorites!

Getting back to the Dave Matthews Band; I will be at the shows. I have been a Warehouse member for ages, but if you aren't a member of the DMB fanclub, you have your shot at Dave Matthews tickets for Alpine the last Saturday of this month, March 29th via Ticketmaster. Dave Matthews tickets should be going for $40-100 each from the box office.

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