Friday, February 29, 2008

Jonas Brothers Tickets Going to be Hot Commodity!

Summerfest announced the Jonas Brothers would be coming to the Marcus Amphitheater during their ten rockin' days of Milwaukee's Summer. The Jo Bro concert will be July 6, 2008 with a yet un-named opening act. I am happy because it's one less concert I need to see and because it will make many of Milwaukee's tweens who weren't able to get in to their sold-out Rave show, very happy.

Ticketmaster will begin selling Jonas Brothers tickets on Saturday, March 15 at 11am for $20-$55 before service charges. My guess is that you can be certain the red section seats will be sold out within minutes; it's what will happen with the rest of the tickets that will surprise me. If they can sell out a 23,000 capacity amphitheater, I will have been wrong.
This Brew City Ticket guest-writer would like to plead with Summerfest for one, just one show, that is up my alley.
Happy Leap Day!

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

The J Brothers make me feel really old.