Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Milwaukee Brewers and Post-Season????

I realize it is VERY early to even be whispering such words, but as I sit at work listening to the beating the Milwaukee Brewers continue to put on their opponents, I can't help but get excited.

Tickets for Brewers home games are still available through the box office, but not as many as would be the case in years past. Couldn't make me happier! As you drive past Miller Park on 94, you can smell the brats cookin' and feel the fans growing excitement that this could be the year to put their team back on the map.

Getting back to getting in the doors of Miller Park, if you are willing to sit anywhere, you really aren't talking about that much money. If you need something by the bases, Sections 112-123, you'll need to dole out a bit more coin, but if the team continues to keep up their end of the bargain, you should leave the ballpark totally satisfied!

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

I like to sit behind the dugouts